BSC Leadership Program

What is the BSC Leadership Program?

• Development program for the next generation of dairy farmers
• Now run as 2 programs, linking in with the new Dairy Australia leadership programs
     - Developing Dairy Leaders
     - Emerging Dairy Leaders
• Focussed on personal development through industry based learning
• Designed to act as a stepping stone into the BSC / Fonterra Supplier Forum or other leadership roles in either industry or the community
• Running for over 10 years


2015/16 BSC Leadership Program participants

L-R: Nick Bermingham, Janelle Fisher, Rob Schloss, Nikki Atkins , Shaun Beard, Simone Ross

How does it work?

• In 2016 Dairy Australia created two new courses that were both very similar to what BSC offered.
• BSC has joined with Dairy Australia to merge the formal training components of the BSC Leadership program into the Dairy Australia Programs, as follows
• The BSC Leadership Program includes a number of other induction, networking and supplier forum related opportunities on top of that offered by Dairy Australia’s program
• Application and selection process
• Course costs and flights (where required) are covered by DA and BSC.

Emerging Dairy Leaders Program (EDLP)

- development of leadership skills and knowledge required to help you plan your future as a dairy leader
- learn to better understand yourself and others while improving your communication and presentation skills
- be mentored by experienced leaders
- learn the principles of strategic analysis and planning and apply them to real issues in the dairy industry
- develop your teamwork skills by working on a group sustainability project
- involves a number of residential retreats (10 days in total) in various dairy locations in SA, Victoria and Tasmania, plus some self paced study requirements, over a 12 month period.
- earn a Diploma of Agribusiness Management from the National Centre for Dairy Education / TAFE SA

Developing Dairy Leaders Program (DDLP) **

- designed for those who have already completed the EDLP or similar, or who have relevant work / industry experiences
- build upon all the components learnt in the EDLP
- earn an advanced diploma of Agribusiness Management

** Note that the DDLP scheduled to be run in the second half of 2106 has been postponed by DA and will now be run for the first time in 2017.


Contact BSC Company Secretary, Will Kermode, for more details on ph 03 8541 1824

Honour Roll Past Programs


Tony Marwood – Echuca, Vic



Daryl Hoey – Katunga, Northern Vic 

Adam Jenkins – Sth Purrumbete, West Dist 

Andrew Duynhoven – Camperdown, West Dist 

Steve Stead – Maffra, Gippsland 

Simon Finger – Yannathan, Gippsland 

Karl Stokes – Montague, Tas 

Chris Hofing – Mawbanna, Tas 

Pam Swain – Westbury, Tas



Kelly Barnett – Mathoura, NSW 

Jeremy Cairns – Legerwood, Tas 

Stephen Fisher – Togari, Tas 

Wayne Huisman – Togari, Tas 

Andrew Lamers – Leongatha, Vic 

Lisa Zappulla – Neerim Junction, Vic 

Liza Fahey – Terang, Vic 

Paul Moloney – Terang, Vic




Nigel Brock – Deloraine, Tas 

Andrew Aldridge – Branxholm, Tas 

Arjun van Adrichem – Togari, Tas 

Nick Boyd – Dookie, Northern Vic 

Ashley Galt – Shepp East, North Vic 

Wendy Whelan – Toora, Gippsland 

Stuart Griffin – Westbury, Gippsland

Testimonials - 2013

You get to learn to understand the people, not just the cows – From the milker to the manager. It is a real eye-opener to see that there are so many people, working hard for the industry at the other end, not just on farm. The program gave me more confidence to have a say, as highlighted in giving my speech to the Fonterra Supplier Forum. They are the people that make a difference. The home-work and project work was not hard at all, as it only took an hour or two each day and you get it done early. Just need the discipline to “Just do it”. 

Nigel Brock, Deloraine, Tasmania


The highlight for me was the sessions at Canberra, being able to have access to the place and the people was great. A big thing for me was the public speaking, so to learn and go through the experience of that was really good. A lot of satisfaction was gained from achieving the completion of the project work, with the research, the homework, the structure and the presentation. IT was great to meet people you never normally meet through the networking and group dynamics, which has given me new-found friends in different parts of the country where I know I will always be able to meet with them. The biggest learner for me “Gotta get on and be your own person”. 

Nick Boyd, Dookie, Northern Victoria


A great deal of important skills were learnt, such as; what you need to be on a Board, how to present in front of a group of people, how to manage a business while you’re not there. We were exposed to some great people in leadership in both formal and informal settings. Mixing with people in the group from a wide range of areas of the country, and so you soon learnt a lot how different people, do different things. 

Stuart Griffin, Gippsland, Victoria


The experience gave a greater understanding of the genuine and fruitful relationship between the Supplier Forum of farmers, and Fonterra the processor. The program helped with growth on how to be more inclusive with peers and fellow dairy farmers. It was great to develop people skills and communication – It was a very worthy thing to do. Good way to learn that “Excuses will only get you so far”. 

Andrew Aldridge, Branxholm, Tasmania

Testimonials - 2014

Post Melbourne DA Sessions

"It was great to get to talk up close with the DA staff and hear their depth and passion of knowledge” – Paul

“Sharing the farm stories with some amazing farmers from around the country has been awesome” – Rachael

“The increase in networking of great dairying people from all sides of the industry has been a privilege” - Ryan


Post Canberra Sessions

“It was great to learn by being by chatting with the politicians and their thirst for knowledge of our industry” – Andrew

“The personal growth from this experience with such a diverse group of people has been amazing” – Colleen

“Got to shake hands and have a quick chat with Clive Palmer. It was symbolic of the respect and openness shown to our group from people in high places ” - Leigh


Post Supplier Forum Melbourne Sessions

“The Forum Delegates were very welcoming to us, and it was great to see them looking beyond the norm”– Brian

“There was real passion and drive from the Fonterra staff seeing how hard they work for results” – Adam

“Having the BSC-LP involved, in our meeting was great. They all did a great job with their presentations” – Delegate Linda


Post Supplier Forum/ BSC AGM Echuca Sessions

“It was great listening to leaders like Bruce Donnison and Blue Read, sharing their knowledge with us” – Leigh

“The Forum Delegates were very encouraging for our input and contribution in the Forum events” – Jane